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Two opposing views on artificial intelligence: British filmmaker Oscar Sharp embraces the creative opportunities that AI represents whereas Cedric Sauviat founder of hte warns that it is a greater threat to humanity than the atomic bomb.
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Researchers at the company are experimenting with AI to retouch your most undignified pictures.
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Technology reporter covering security social media and consumer electronics. Based in New York follow him @nathanielmott
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"AI made in Germany" is to become an international brand synonymous with modern secure AI applications for the common good that are based on European values. To ensure that this is achieved the Cabinet has adopted the Artificial Intelligence Strategy pr...
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Neil Lawrence is a professor of machine learning at the University of Sheffield
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Sir Nigel Shadbolt is principal of   Jesus College Oxford professorial research fellow in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oxford and chairman and co-founder of the  Open Data Institute
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Welcome to Machine Minds: a new season on BBC Future about all the ways that artificial intelligence is changing our lives.
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'Inside Man' Morgan Spurlock sets off on quest to find robots androids and artificial intelligence to make life easier more productive and way cooler.
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Artificial intelligence can no longer be considered a technology of the future – it is already shaping our everyday lives. Here is our guide to understanding the minds of machines.
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Bill Gates tells Fareed that China is making strides in artificial intelligence but American companies and academics give the U.S. a big lead.