Hannah Devlin speaks to Prof Andrew Pollard about the work being done by different teams around the world to create a vaccine for Covid-19 and where his team at Oxford University fit into this international effort
Zunächst war es ja ganz schön eine Weile nicht ins Großraumbüro zu müssen. Endlich Stille! Doch nach einer Weile fehlt der Austausch mit den Kollegen – und die Work-Life-Balance gerät komplett durcheinander wenn der Laptop im Schlafzimmer steht.
New-Work-Expertin Inga Höltmann erklärt wie Besprechungen besser und seltener werden.
Erst setzt AKK die Karre an die Wand dann haut Oberkardinal Reinhard Marx in den Sack und schließlich optimiert Jürgen Klinsmann seine Work-Life-Balance. Gut dass Henning Bornemann und Axel Naumer nach einer Woche voller Rückzuge geblieben sind.
Hier können Sie die NDR Bigband in Ton und Bild kennenlernen Konzerte nachhören und aktuelle Neuigkeiten in Form von Audio und Video erleben.
James Lovelock who turned 100 this year discusses his life’s work. And: Samantha Power on finding ways to make a difference
Ketamine might sound like an unlikely candidate for treating addiction and depression. But a growing number of scientists believe the drug could help. In the second part of this Science Weekly mini series Hannah Devlin speaks to another expert using ketami...
Ketamine might sound like an unlikely candidate for treating addiction and depression. But a growing number of scientists believe the drug could help. Over the next two episodes of Science Weekly Hannah Devlin speaks to two experts who are using ketamine i...
Requiring minimal amounts of sleep is sometimes seen as a badge of honour. But for many of us being able to actually function is a different matter altogether. So why is it that some people seem to need more or less sleep? And what are some of the ramifica...
Rather than processing its own recycling Australia has sent millions of tonnes to Asia each year. Now many countries have said ‘no more’. Scott Morrison has pledged to stop sending our recycling overseas but will his plan work?
Callum Roberts is a British oceanographer author and one of the world’s leading marine biologists. Sitting down with Ian Sample Callum talks about his journey into exploring marine habitats his subsequent work observing the world’s coral reefs and ho...
Two favourite podcasters returned last week as relationship therapist Esther Perel tackled the workplace and George the Poet told the BBC to eff off
Hundreds of contractors have been hired by Facebook to listen to and transcribe audio recorded from users according to a Bloomberg report. Some of the contractors reportedly felt their work was "unethical."
Auch AKK will dafür sorgen dass "die Männer und Frauen der Bundeswehr entsprechend behütet sind". Wellness Work-Life-Balance und Geräte mit denen nichts passieren kann - Mathias Tretter freut sich über den Feel-Good-Faktor in der Truppe.
Music without earbuds looks and sounds surprisingly good making these smart glasses the antithesis of Google Glass
The outgoing US poet laureate talks about her career and we chat about the work of Alice Oswald the new Oxford professor of poetry
At a time when it seemed Barnaby Joyce would lose support in his seat following widespread criticism of his conduct and track record the MP for New England actually increased his vote. What is it about Joyce that his constituents are drawn to? Is it the wo...
Natasha Elcock and Ed Daffarn escaped from Grenfell Tower on 14 June 2017. Karim Mussilhy’s uncle died in the fire. They talk about their work with Grenfell United while the Guardian’s social affairs correspondent Rob Booth discusses government inact...
The former Ukip leader forged an alliance with the Five Star Movement just as they bulldozed Italian politics using a tightly controlled digital operation. And now he’s putting their techniques to work in Britain
Coffee is a drink adored the world over. But have you ever wondered why a fresh brew smells better than it tastes? Prof Barry Smith has spent his career pondering how the senses work together to produce flavour perception and so Graihagh Jackson invited him...
Nicola Davis and Jordan Erica Webber examine the repercussions of a male-orientated world – from drugs that don’t work for women to VR headsets that give them motion sickness
Jo Dunkley is Professor of Physics and Astrophysical Sciences at Princeton University. Hannah Devlin talks to her about what it’s like to work on the Atacama Cosmology Telescope in Chile where they need to bring oxygen tanks for safety.
Asking the difficult questions around our relationship with technology in education.
Telling the stories of remarkable women whose work has changed learning through tech.
This week Jessica Valenti is joined by Feminist Fight Club author Jessica Bennett to discuss how to navigate difficult employers and “bropropriator” colleagues