Tra bod unedau trawsblannu Cymru dal ar gau mae pryder y gallai cleifion farw heb y gofal cywir
Dau o brif gyhoeddwyr papurau lleol Cymru yn dweud bod gwerthiant wedi gostwng drwy'r cyfnod clo.
Dros 4 000 yn cystadlu yn Eisteddfod T wrth i'r Urdd symud y cystadlaethau arlein
La recesión económica desatada por la pandemia de coronavirus obliga a miles y miles de personas a recurrir a la caridad para poder sobrevivir
Tiger Woods Tom Brady Peyton Manning and Phil Mickelson raise $20m for coronavirus relief efforts in The Match: Champions for Charity.
इस्लामिक देशों के संगठन ओआईसी में पाकिस्तान ने इस्लामोफ़ोबिया के आरोप पर भारत को घेरने की कोशिश क...
राजस्थान में ‘कोविड ड्यूटी’ कर रहे इंटर्न डॉक्टरों को मिल रहा महज़ 7000 रुपए मासिक भत्ता डॉक्टरों न...
The territory's security chief says the controversial security law will save the city from violence.
The cabinet will meet as the PM's aide continues to face questions over claims he broke lockdown rules.
If after the last few weeks of lockdown you’ve run out of things to watch then it’s time to try something more unfamiliar. Here our editors pick some lesser-known masterpieces.
В Британии набирает обороты скандал вокруг советника Бориса Джонсона США закрыли границы для всех посещавших Бразилию кому нужен скандал ...
England and Saracens lock George Kruis will join Japanese Top League side Panasonic Wild Knights on a one-year contract at the end of the season.
Survey suggests British motorists are ready to change their behaviour to protect the environment.
From ‘covidiots’ to ‘quarantine and chill’ the pandemic has led to many terms that help people laugh and commiserate.
From political upheavals to anxieties about sex technology and women it turns out conspiracy theories can tell us a lot about what’s going on in our societies – and how to fix them. ... s · 25.05.2020 08:07
دولت ایالات متحده ورود مسافران خارجی از برزیل به این کشور را ممنوع کرده است. به گفته کیلی مک انانی، سخنگوی کاخ سفید، شهروندان خارجی تا ۱۴ روز پ...
When Howard Jacobson's mother died this month there could be no big family funeral - but then she never wanted to be a bother to anyone.
Saad al-Jabri fled to Canada but officials are going after his children back home the BBC is told.
The government could aid strategically important firms impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.
El canciller de China acusó a "fuerzas políticas" de EE.UU. de generar gran tensión en la relación bilateral a través de acusaciones y teorías en torno a la lucha contra el covid-19.
رابرت اوبرایان، مشاور امنیت ملی کاخ سفید رویکرد چین به همه گیری ویروس کرونا را به پنهان کاری شوروی در جریان حادثه نیروگاه اتمی چرنوبیل در سال ...
"O potencial de transmissão não detectada do vírus por indivíduos infectados que tentam entrar nos Estados Unidos oriundos do Brasil ameaçam a segurança do nosso sistema de transporte e infraestrutura e a segurança nacional" afirma o texto assinado ...
Digital transformation has advanced two years in just two months says Microsoft.
After a Ramadan marked by lockdowns and social distancing Muslims begin celebrating the festival.
Премьер-министр Британии Борис Джонсон переболевший Covid-19 в апреле выступил в защиту своего помощника который вопреки карантинным требов...