The Levi's model actor and singer's biggest hit single was co-written by the queen of pop.
The fashion chain raises its profit forecast but says the recent rebound in sales may not last.
A spate of deaths reignites a debate about domestic violence in a country praised for gender equality.
The announcement is the latest in a growing diplomatic rift between both countries.
Reaction to Chelsea beating Real Madrid to set up all-English final plus latest from Friday's Premier League news conferences.
"Digital nomads" aim to get back to mobile working after Covid with many countries wooing them.
The Tiananmen vigil commemorated the deaths of up to thousands of pro-democracy protesters in China.
Kai Havertz's disjointed and illness-affected start to the season looked a distant memory as the German found his feet in time for a Champions League final writes Phil McNulty.
The social media platform will prompt users to review "potentially harmful or offensive" replies.
The US would prefer a more stable and predictable relationship with Russia Antony Blinken tells the BBC.
Senadores investigam se presidente adotou intencionalmente estratégia de tentar atingir imunidade de grupo sem vacinas e se isso levou ao alto número de mortes pela pandemia no país.
Covid-related attacks directed at Asian Americans have escalated in the US - here's what's happening.
Getting trapped in a boy band reality TV contest was just the start of Lelush's unlikely journey.
Environmental groups suspect a prince from Austria killed the brown bear while hunting in Romania.
A court rejects a bid to disqualify Thammanat Prompao over a 1994 smuggling conviction in Australia.
The current surge of the virus has already overwhelmed India's healthcare system.
South Africa's Zulu nation awaits a decision on who will succeed the queen who died last month.
New York's major theatres have been closed since March 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic.
آنتونی بلینکن، وزیر خارجه آمریکا، می‌گوید دولت جو بایدن در مذاکرات وین جدیت خود برای احیای توافق هسته‌ای با ایران را نشان داده اما هنوز نمی...
Соединенные Штаты хотели бы предсказуемых отношений с Россией но в то же время готовы ответить на агрессивные действия с ее стороны сказал...
Визит госсекретаря США в Киев вакцинация подростков 12-15 лет от Covid-19 в Канаде и эффективность вакцины Pfizer в Израиле - вот лишь немногие из тем...
Карцер отравление хлором запугивания и увольнения рабочих - в Беларуси не утихает история вокруг главного донора бюджета Лукашенко предп...
The rocket concept chosen by Nasa to land astronauts on the Moon completes an impressive test flight.
The modern metropolis will leave a geological legacy that will last for millennia but as the author David Farrier writes some things will endure far longer than others.
Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel says Manchester City are the "benchmark" as his side secure a famous win over Real Madrid to set up an all-English Champions League final.