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Basic income is not a new idea but its re-emergence on the European political agenda is fuelling debate. Square Idea went to Finland to interview one of the leaders of the idea. An experiment is being carried out set to last for two years involving 2000 ...
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An American association Give Directly funded by Silicon Valley giants has chosen Kenya to set up a unique experiment. Give Directly plans to do just that: the NGO is paying a universal basic income to Kenya's poorest for 12 years and observing the results.
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As a new mom Corinne Cannon realized she had resources that others didn't. So she created a way to make sure other new moms had a very basic baby item: diapers.
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El Ayuntamiento de Barcelona pondrá en marcha un proyecto piloto a partir de septiembre. Mil familias del Besòs recibirán una renta de inclusión durante 24 meses para ver su efecto sobre la desigualdad y la pobreza.