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Martin Luther King's most radical project was the Poor People's Campaign. Besides jobs for everyone he called for a guaranteed basic income and easier access to loans. But following his ...
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The administration is proposing changes to Title X that could leave low-income women without access to basic birth control.
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As Berlin's unemployment rate falls to half of its 2005 level Mayor Michael Müller has proposed introducing a "solidarity basic income." Unlike a real basic income it would oblige recipients to ...
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"A basic income changes a person's mindset " says Michael Bohmeyer. "It reduces anxiety and makes people healthier and more creative". His crowd-funded portal has been raffling off unconditional ...
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Rutger Bregman is an historian journalist and author of Utopia for Realists in which he argues for a universal basic income and the opening of borders. The essayist Agnès Verdier-Molinié is the director of the IFRAP foundation a think tank for liberal i...
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RSA calls for local experiments to see if a basic income could replace the Universal Credit scheme.
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No one knows but several new experiments in universal basic income hope to find out.