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German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned over the weekend that a debt cut for Greece could trigger a dangerous domino effect -- but she did not categorically rule one out. She's keeping all her options open in the euro crisis.
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European Union foreign ministers have sought to sell their Syria compromise as a success. In reality Monday's agreement is an abdication of leadership once again proving that Europe cannot be taken seriously as an actor on the global stage.
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Die Initiative der UEFA für die Einführung eines dritten europäischen Fußball-Clubwettbewerbs wird auch von den European Leagues unterstützt.
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The Latest on Italy's spat with the European Union over its budget (all times local): 4:50
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netzpolitik.org Plattform für digitale Freiheitsrechte
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How will Britain's vote to leave the European Union affect Irish unity?
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But Germany's conservative Christian Social Union the sister party to Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats has been waging a populist campaign against immigrants to Germany from Bulgaria and Romania. "The European Commission comes up with a pro...
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It's not the first time the Polish weekly Wprost has gotten in trouble in Germany. This week the cover depicts Chancellor Angela Merkel breast-feeding the Kaczynski twins. But it could have been worse the editor-in-chief points out. At least they used a 2...
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Merkel and Putin spent much of their summit talking about Russian oil and gas supplies to the European Union.
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The Kaczynski brothers have spent two years in Warsaw making other Europeans uncomfortable. Now leaders from the European Union and commentators in Germany hope for a fresh start with Donald Tusk.